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The air cooled Knox was called the "Old Porcupine."
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Demonstration Days

On the third Thursday of each month, vehicles in the museum's collection will be fired up and demonstrated, or an invited guest will share their own automotive technology. Information and discussion about the vehicles or technology will be presented. Visitors will have the opportunity to ride in antique autos, weather permitting. Past Demo Days have showcased antique steamers, electric cars of the past and future, a wood-to-gas generator, how to make biofuel, pedal cars, an antique car weigh-in, and more.

Thursday, May 18
Thursday, June 15 (Hidden Gems of the Collection)
Thursday, July 20 (Hidden Gems of the Collection)
Thursday, August 17 (Hidden Gems of the Collection)
Thursday, September 21 (Hidden Gems of the Collection)
Thursday, October 19

Demonstration Days: Hidden Gems of the Collection

As a part of its June, July, August, and September Demonstration Days, the Seal Cove Auto Museum will be offering a series of curator led discussions featuring four "Hidden Gems of the Collection.” Highlighted vehicles will include the 1911 American Underslung, the 1908 Stanley Model K Semi-Racer, the 1910 Stoddard Dayton, and the 1905 Pierce Great Arrow. Visitors will learn about the car's manufacturer, provenance, and mechanical features during these up-close, photo-friendly events. Talks will be scheduled for 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM on each day. Rides in antique autos will be offered, weather permitting.


1911 American Underslung

Custom built for Larz Anderson, a prominent US diplomat, the Underslung was delivered during Anderson’s diplomatic posting to Belgium in 1911. With Larz Anderson’s death in 1937, the car’s ownership passed to his widow Isabel Weld Perkins Anderson, a Boston-area heiress and author, who left a legacy to the public that includes a park and two museums, including the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. In 1948 Isabel gifted the car to her nephew Briggs Swift Cunningham, racing car constructor, driver, team owner, manufacturer, and automobile collector. Cunningham also skippered the victorious yacht Columbia in the 1958 America’s Cup race.

More about the Underslung…

The 1911 American Underslung is part of the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection.

1908 Stanley K Semi-Racer

This very well may be the most significant Stanley left in existence. It is one of three remaining Model K Semi-Racers of the original 25 built by Stanley between 1906 and 1908. While the other two have been restored, this one is in its original condition. These Model K Racers were known for their speed. They were able to cruise at today's top highway speeds, and have been timed at up to 90 mph, uphill.

This Stanley was featured on Jay Leno's car show, Jay Leno's Garage, at Pebble Beach in 2014.

More about the Model K Semi-Racer…

The 1908 Stanley K Semi-Racer is part of the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection.

1910 Stoddard Dayton

The Stoddard-Dayton, a product of the Dayton Motor Car Company, is a luxury brand automobile that was built in Dayton, Ohio. By 1907 all Stoddard-Dayton vehicles had modern, powerful six-cylinder engines. This helped make them very powerful on the race track. The company proudly advertised their many successful sprint races, hill climbs, dirt track races, and other sporting accomplishments. In 1909 a Stoddard-Dayton won the first race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after averaging 57.31 mph. In 1911 the first pace car ever for the Indianapolis 500 was a Stoddard-Dayton.

More about the Stoddard Dayton…

The 1910 Stoddard Dayton is part of the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection.

Great Arrow

It is difficult today to appreciate the respect accorded to the Pierce-Arrow marque at the dawn of the automobile age. If price was a consideration, one did not buy a Pierce-Arrow. The company catered to the social and economic elite of the day. Special colors, not available to others, were kept on hand for important families. Seats, carpets, trunks and luggage were all custom fitted. However Pierce-Arrow offered much more than custom features based on the whims of its elite clientele. Outstanding engineering gave the cars exceptional reliability, smoothness and sophistication; quality of construction gave long life to these high-end vehicles.

More about the Pierce Great Arrow…

The 1905 Pierce Great Arrow is part of the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection.

1913 Peugeot

In 1912, an important step is made in the history of French coach-building when Jean-Henry Labourdette creates the famous “skiff”, for Rene de Knyff, on a Panhard 20 HP frame. Shaped as a boat, without doors, the structure follows traditional naval carpentry methods. The mahogany body is fixed to the frame with visible nails. Labourdette’s Skiff bodies were applied to many different cars including Rolls-Royce, Hispano Suiza, Reault, Peugeot and more.

More about the Peugeot…

The 1913 Peugeot is part of the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection.