Seal Cove Auto Museum, Antique Autos and Motorcycles from the Brass Era, Mount Desert Island, Maine
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The air cooled Knox was called the "Old Porcupine."
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Cars & Coffee

Held 9am-12pm on the second Saturday of each month, these mornings are an opportunity for proud drivers to show off their own special cars, and for all auto enthusiasts to congregate to kick tires, peer under hoods, and enjoy coffee with their fellow car-lovers. Each month there will be a different theme, but autos of any kind are welcome at each. All are encouraged to attend with or without their own antique or vintage automobile. There will something for everyone to enjoy and admire!

Please note: the themes below are tentative and subject to change.

June 10:
Woodies &
Wooden Boats

In addition to vehicles for land transportation, this month will include those for water transportation - boats! Canoes and other wooden boats will be on display, and the wood-bodied 1913 Peugeot from the Richard C. Paine Jr. Charitable Trust's collection, with a "skiff" body designed by Carosserie Henri Labourdette, will be featured. Ride over in your own classic woodie for this cars & coffee!

July 8:
Fords & Hudsons

The Hudson Motor Car Company began operations in 1909 with Roscoe B. Jackson at the helm as its General Manager, one of the five men at the core of its early leadership, and later President of the Company. While President, Jackson began taking respites on MDI. Both he and Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and also a summer resident of the island, befriended Clarence C. Little, a Harvard-trained geneticist. In 1929, it was with Jackson’s and Ford’s financial support that Clarence Little was able to found a genetics research facility in Bar Harbor. When Jackson died suddenly on a trip to Europe in March of that year, Little and his board decided to name the research unit in Jackson’s honor, the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory.

The Auto Museum is pleased to have a car built by the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1910 on loan from Jan Kendrick, of Bryant Pond, Maine, through the 2017 season. The 1910 Hudson will be featured at this Cars & Coffee, as will a number of Fords from the collection, such as the 1912 Model T Roadster, and the 1922 Model T Depot Hack.

Employees of the Jackson Labs are invited to this Cars & Coffee as special guests.

August 12:
Street Rods &
Muscle Cars

Rods! Mud trucks! Stock cars! Drag Racers! You got one? Come show it off. In collaboration with our Kid's Day also on this Saturday, the Museum will additionally be featuring remote controlled cars and drones (tentative).

September 16:

Motorcycles, dirt-bikes, scooters, and other fun vehicles of the two-wheeled variety will be the theme of September's Cars & Coffee. The Museum will feature some of its early motorycles from the Brass Era, such as the 1911 Flying Merkel, a 1913 Thor, and a number of Indian motorcycles from 1903 -1913.

October 14:
A Taste of Europe

European cars will be the stars of this Cars & Coffee. Mercedes, Porche, SAAB, and more... come see these beauties from across the pond.